How should I pose?


"Ok how do you want me to pose?" One question I probably get at every shoot. Honestly don't pose at all. Just move. I personally don't like posey photos. I think it takes away from the mood of the actual image. Don't get me wrong I love working with a model that knows how to pose and to move her body. But when it comes to working with someone that doesn't know how to pose the best thing you could do is move around...slowly lol. Slow movements can lead to great images. I say slowly because I've seen some people move way to quickly and that can lead to some blurry images, which is what you don't want at all. My best advice to any new model is to practice your craft. You can look up ways to move your body on YouTube or look at Pinterest for photo references. But practice practice practice! Either in the mirror or around friends but practice makes perfect in this profession. 


Here is an example of moving and posing