What are we trading?

I have a love hate relationship with doing trade work. I personally do trade work ONLY when there's an actual trade. The times I'll do trade work is if it's an idea me and a makeup artist has came up with and we need a face to bring that idea to life, or if I'm shooting someone who can expand my portfolio and actually help my career. In these cases trade work is fine because the model is going to get some great images and I get to bring a idea to life. I DONT do trade work when I'm only going to help your career. There's no trade in that. I get it, not everyone has money to spend on shoots or just doesn't take modeling serious, but this is my job! I don't mean to sound rude, but if I honestly cant use the images in my portfolio then why would I shoot it for free? Photography is more than a hobby for some of us and it's actually how we make money so when I get asked to do trade work with someone I really have to evaluate the subject and ask myself, is this something that's going to broaden my portfolio, or am I just doing someone a favor? Now if you don't take modeling serious and you really just want to shoot for fun I get that, but I don't necessarily shoot new subjects just for fun. For those of you who do take modeling seriously, why not just wait? Your better off just waiting so you can spend money with a photographer that's going to make your vision come to life, other than letting someone shoot it for free and get some terrible images in return.


Beware of the users!..


"I just want to take pictures for fun", or my favorite "just let me know when you need me for a project". I hate users. Users are people that only want to work with you for their own personal gain. Usually they don't like to pay for shoots. For me all of the users come out whenever I post on instagram about test shooting. I personally don't like to reply to these people.  Cause most of the time they're not even models, just pretty faces that want to use you for dope pictures. Don't get me wrong though it is some models that can't afford to pay for every shoot, but im not talking about them. You can tell who is a user when you see one. They usually arnt passionate about modeling just want to "shoot for fun". Now if your someone who just likes to take pictures of people go right ahead and work with the users, but if you are actually looking to make a living off of photography the users arnt going to help you at all. A friend of mine asked how do I get models to pay for shoots and I told him that was just it, models pay for shoots. With social media being at an all time high it's kind of hard to spot the real models from the users. I feel like you can tell who the models are simply because models don't just post anything they shoot. Just beware of the users. Don't waste your time with people who aren't worried about furthering your career, just themselves.

How should I pose?


"Ok how do you want me to pose?" One question I probably get at every shoot. Honestly don't pose at all. Just move. I personally don't like posey photos. I think it takes away from the mood of the actual image. Don't get me wrong I love working with a model that knows how to pose and to move her body. But when it comes to working with someone that doesn't know how to pose the best thing you could do is move around...slowly lol. Slow movements can lead to great images. I say slowly because I've seen some people move way to quickly and that can lead to some blurry images, which is what you don't want at all. My best advice to any new model is to practice your craft. You can look up ways to move your body on YouTube or look at Pinterest for photo references. But practice practice practice! Either in the mirror or around friends but practice makes perfect in this profession. 


Here is an example of moving and posing